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Who We Are

A gifted makeup artist not only reconstructs a woman into a representative of how every elegant woman should look like but all together makes a woman feel sumptuous yet with her imperfections, making her fall in admiration with herself all over again. Their hard work never goes overlooked, notably in the fashion industry, where they are praised for their enchanting work.

Sheetal Sharma is a makeup artist who dictates the makeup industry and creates an impact with her work on every individual looking to upgrade their overall look & feel.

In 2011, Sheetal grew to become an expert name to be reckoned with in the fields of Hair and Makeup.

Without a doubt, her passion and love of flawless makeup make her stand out in the industry remarkably and unparalleled.

Sheetal Sharma has been pouring the magic since 2011, offering countless women unparalleled elegance. Her imagination and quirky ideas in this area have been approaching for beauty conscious. Her gaga and knack for makeup and creativity have always held her talent in the spotlight.

She was also involved in numerous ventures around the globe: photoshoots, TV and print advertisements, music videos, fashion shows, launches.

Improving and making the best in every face, she makes every woman in the country look no less than a princess, particularly on her wedding day mastering bridal makeup and hairstyles.

Sheetal Sharma is the most trusted name and today’s topmost makeup artist. And the word Bridal makeup’s utterance spouts out Sheetal Sharma’s name itself.

This makeup Diva currently operates from Delhi with a total experience of 8 years. Unending applause, recognition, and appreciation for her makeup talent have led her to leap from client to client.

The devotions of beauty, style, and fashion, Sheetal Sharma, bring the crest above the rest.


Our Team

There are many types of occasions, and therefore, the makeup should also be specific. Whether you’re planning for a kitty party or a wedding day, you’ve got to decorate yourself according to the occasion’s design. The sense of occasion making it high strength with special arrangements for women. But at social gatherings, someone who misses this opportunity must be embarrassed.

It’s time to beautifully enhance yourself with perfect party makeup by Sheetal Sharma, a professional makeup artist. We are one of the renowned and esteemed makeup service providers and use our services in Delhi. You need to call us in advance to be groomed well before any occasion.

We are the professional makeup artists team that focuses eminently on customer appreciation and satisfaction. We’re giving them a touch that will make them show stopper, and all eyes will be on you.

Your smoky, eye-catching look will surely make you & talk about the city. Okay, we know your peers are also going to make their best look beautiful and amazing, but trust us that you will be the party’s most beautiful woman.

We use high-quality, branded products to provide the face and other body parts with smooth and realistic makeup. Cosmetics today use highly toxic chemicals that can malnourish the skin and cause itching and rashes.

We get skin-friendly products recommended by reputable manufacturers of beauty products. So, you’re not only getting a desired glow and touch to your face but also a fairer, spotless skin.

Our services are reasonably affordable and would not change your makeover plans. Without any confusion, you can access our services. To get our support, you need to contact us. To avoid any inconvenience, it would be better to take your appointment in advance.